A HUGE thank you to all the parents and families who have taken the time to write a testimonial about their experiences with Learning is Unique.

It is always a delight to help and work with your amazing children!

“I wanted to say a huge thank you to Learning is Unique and in particular to Kristy for the incredible results you have achieved with my son in such a short period of six months after we engaged you at the beginning of the school year 2015. At the end of last year he was failing English and that was with him receiving special assistance, and no English is not his second language, it is his first.  This year for both of the first two terms of Grade 11, he has consistently achieved B’s. 

This is just one of the subjects he has shown remarkable improvement in.  This would not have been possible without your hard work and dedication Kristy.

Thank you for believing in him, thank you for your passion and devotion.  My only regret is that we didn’t find you earlier.”

“Our son has been with Kristy for over four years and we are very proud of his progress. We have been very fortunate to find Kristy, whose goal is to get the best out of her students in an educational style which is nurturing and caring. Many teachers can teach a class room of 30 students, but a true teacher is a teacher who can change her teaching style to meet an individual’s need…. and that is Kristy, a true teacher and saviour to our family, especially our son’s self esteem.

Education is a relationship you build with your teacher and or tutor. Depending on your child, little or lots of effort has to be invested from parents as well. This is a very small price to pay to see your child smile and feel good about themselves…”

“Learning is Unique has changed the way my daughter views herself.  When we began to see Kristy, my daughter had no faith in her own abilities and loathed maths.  Miss 8 wasn’t particularly “bad” at maths, just lacked confidence and didn’t understand some concepts. Miss 8 has thrived from individual tutor sessions which are enforced at holiday workshops, and now has the confidence to trust in her abilities. Processes are explained to her thoroughly, and checked to ensure she understands the concept being taught. I believe the investment of an hour a week to ensure her understanding of what has been taught in the classroom is fundamental to maximise her learning – and Miss 8 loves it!”

“I enrolled my son in some of the workshops to not only assist his academic learning (both literacy and numeracy) but to address his poor confidence with his academic ability.  During the workshops, my son has thrived and looks forward to returning each week.  Kristy adapts each learning activity to suit the individual needs and talents of her students.  Under her guidance the students blossom.  We have since spread the word to other students in his class who were also in need of some extra assistance.”

“From the moment my daughter meet Kristy at” Learning is Unique” she was hooked on learning! With Kristy’s guidance and encouragement we have seen improvement and she now has more confidence in Maths. She has also picked up new tricks for other subjects along the way. We will continue to recommend “Learning is Unique” to people we come across. Thanks Kristy, let the joy of learning continue!!”

“My daughter started going to Learning is Unique primarily for NAPLAN preparation and was highly recommended by the mother of an existing student. Coming from a very processed and wrote learning background, we needed assistance to improve her reading and comprehension skills. Within 10 weeks, I have seen a marked improvement in my daughter’s approach to reading and solving Maths/English problems. Kristy provides a comfortable and fun learning environment. She shows a keen and personal interest in the fundamental development of my daughter’s education. My daughter looks forward to seeing Kristy every week and always provides positive feedback after her lessons.”

“My daughter is in her second term with Learning is Unique and the change I have seen is astounding. Her maths has come along way in such a short time. I would thoroughly recommend this program to any parent that wants to improve their child’s learning ability.”

“Since my son has been under the care of Kristy he has blossomed.  Kristy has identified my sons weaknesses and has been able to help him in such a dynamic way that in a short space of time, with support and guidance, he has achieved so much.  Kristy’s dedication and passion for helping children and interacting with parents is enlightening, thank you.”

“Kristy at Learning is Unique has provided a fun filled learning environment where my children have rapidly improved their Maths and English skills.  I have been delighted by their progress and would thoroughly recommend Learning is Unique to any parent.”

“We are very happy with the progress our daughter is making with Kristy and her “Learning is Unique” philosophy.  The weekly workshop environment is great for building her confidence and learning skills.  Kristy is a highly trained professional who has the most fantastic approach to teaching and most importantly a winning approach with children. Whilst our daughter is working in a group environment, we particularly value Kristy’s insight into our daughter’s ability as a student and developing her skills as a learner who enjoys learning! Thank you Kristy!!”