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We offer everything you need when it comes to specialised interventional learning for children with learning difficulties and disabilities through private learning sessions, learning workshops and other interventional support.

About Us

Learning is Unique focuses on providing the opportunity for everyone to learn and succeed, no matter their age or ability level.

All programs and sessions are specifically designed in line with National Curriculum Standards and implemented by Educational Specialists with many years of experience and expertise in: teaching, learning, intervention, extension, learning difficulties and disabilities, behaviour, and child development.

We provide and develop:

– Literacy and Numeracy Intervention   (Private Learning Programs)
– Educational Learning Support
– Educational Learning Extension
– NAPLAN Preparation Workshops
– School Holiday Workshops
– Back to School – Back to Basics Workshops
– Creative Arts – Integrated Workshops
– Literacy and Numeracy Workshops
– High School Workshops (Preparation & Effective Study Strategies)
– Specific Learning Programs for Children
– Intervention and Learning Programs for Children with Learning Difficulties &/or Disabilities
– Behaviour Management Intervention
– Liaison and support with schools and other professionals to develop student-centred programs and intervention

No two children are the same. At Learning is Unique we embrace each child’s learning style and provide them with a variety of opportunities to develop their skills in order to become the best possible learner they can be. Every child has the potential to be successful inside and outside the classroom, sometimes, they just need the opportunity to do it their way or need a little guidance  to help them see their true potential. At Learning is Unique we allow this to happen!

The experience of an educational specialist with a Bachelor of Education, Graduate Certificate of Education (Literacy), and Masters in Education, along with years of experience in the field of teaching children with learning difficulties and disabilities, along with behaviour issues; will provide you with the necessary learning opportunities your child or family may require.

Learning is Unique also works closely with a huge number of schools, TAFE and university providers throughout Australia, and a large number of the best Educational & Clinical Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Occupational Health Therapists, Paediatric Doctors and other specialised personnel to provide your child with the best possible opportunities to develop into a productive and successful learner!

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